What’s So Special About It?

Pediagro can be consumed in a variety of ways, one or more of which are sure to appeal to your child.
    Serve Pediagro
    • at room or refrigerator temperature
    • frozen like a popsicle
    • heated and sipped like a warm beverage

    A full serving of Pediagro is less than 3 fluid ounces. It can be easily added to a glass of juice, a few spoonfuls of apple sauce, or virtually any other beverage or food.

    To add Pediagro to Jell-O, replace 3 ounces of water with a serving of Pediagro. In an instant you will have turned your child’s ‘empty calorie’ treat into a nutritious snack loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and other energy sources.

    The ways you can serve Pediagro to your child are limited only by your imagination. And remember to get your youngster involved! Ask him for his own ideas for how to take Pediagro.
Convenience & Portability

Toddlers and young children prefer foods they can eat quickly. Their attention spans are short, and curiosity about the world around them leaves very young children little patience for eating.

Pediagro is complete nutrition for your toddler or young child and comes in a fun, kid-friendly 3 oz. vial that your youngster will love.

With its small serving size and great taste, Pediagro is a fast, convenient supplement or snack for the family on the go.

Pediagro goes where you go.
  • Pack it in school lunches, backpacks, mom’s purse.
  • Tuck it in the car glove box, a carry-on bag, the stroller.
  • Take Pediagro to the park, playground, or to the movies.
  • Send it to school or to a play date.
  • Take it on vacation or to grandma’s house for the weekend.