Capsulized Foods
Once considered the stuff of science fiction movies, capsulized foods like Pediagro are now reality.

Pediagro in particular is fast becoming a way of life for on the go parents – parents who want to make absolutely sure their children are getting the nutrients they need for optimum growth and development.

Capsulized foods are positively changing the way we eat. They are:
  • Convenient. Preparing complete, nutritious meals requires a luxury of time that many busy people and families simply do not have.
  • Healthful. Unlike many convenience foods that are highly processed and full of artificial ingredients.
  • Great-tasting. Unlike traditional liquid supplements, capsulized foods actually taste good. Pediagro, in particular, was developed with the understanding that it must consistently taste good to its very young consumers.
  • Portable. A traditional full-course meal might provide all the nutritional benefits of Pediagro, but you can’t take it with you!
  • Simple. A nutritionally sound resource like Pediagro takes all the guesswork out of finding the right combination of foods to insure your child is getting all the nutrients he requires.
  • Nutrient-dense. A capsulized food like Pediagro contains the nutritional value of whole foods rich in nutrients, but without the ‘artificiality’ found in processed foods.
Additional benefits:
  • Capsulized foods provide real eating solutions. Sometimes called “compact liquid foods,” capsu­lized foods are extremely portable, require no preparation time at all, and travel easily due to their small, durable, and lightweight contain­ers.
  • Capsulized foods are liquefied, which allows them to be quickly consumed. This is a priority for families who simply do not have time to prepare and then sit through a traditional meal.
  • Capsulized foods provide the highest nutritional value per fluid ounce of any food product on the market.
  • Capsulized foods such as Pediagro provide a complete macronutrient and micro­nutrient-enriched meal in only a few liquid ounces. Toddlers and young children go from hungry to satiated – and from undernourished to nourished - in less than five seconds. 
The defining target market for nutritional supplements is no longer elite athletes, but the millions of everyday people … including children … who have been ex­posed, some since birth, to sugary cereals, fast foods, potato chips, candy bars, and caffeinated soft drinks.

In today’s world, consumers are demanding healthy nutrition and great taste in a convenient package … and capsulized foods de­liver.